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What We Do

Since our inception, we have freed 2,324 Nashvillians from jail.

What We Do

Pretrial bail is an outdated racist system designed under the guise of getting people back to court. Today, the unjust, anti-black, and classist money bail and pretrial detention system holds people in jail because they cannot afford their freedom. We fight this system by posting bail for community members.

The Nashville Community Bail Fund is helping reunite families by posting bail and supporting community members as they navigate their cases. Community donations support the bail fund, and at the conclusion of a person’s case, their bail is placed back into the fund to help additional community members.

Donating to the Nashville Community Bail Fund helps us free community members from jail and organize to end the racist, classist, and unjust money bail system.

Organize to End Money Bail

We are organizing to end money bail. Our larger goal is to abolish the prison industrial complex. We focus on money bail because we understand it to be a tool that allows the criminal justice system to cage  people. We are uniquely positioned to organize and fight to end money bail in Nashville because of our work posting bail for community members and supporting them as they navigate their cases.

We host community meetings, workshops, advocate, and base build to organize our community to end money bail and develop community-driven solutions to pretrial detention.


Organize. Fight. Win.

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