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Individuals caged pre-trial in Davidson County


 Bails made since 2016

Bail Fund

Our Bail Fund provides financial support so community members can go home before their trial and get back to their jobs, lives and loved ones.

Help us free Nashvillians from jail and end money bail.

End Money Bail.

Reuniting families by posting bail. Organizing to end money bail and fighting to abolish the prison industrial complex. Holding elected officials accountable. 

Freedom should be free.

Every day, over 1000 Nashvillians are unjustly held in pretrial detention and separated from their families as they wait for the conclusion of their case. We post bail for community members to mitigate this harm, while we fight this unjust, racist, and classist money bail system.

How it Works.

Donations to the Nashville Community Bail Fund are invested into our bail fund and used to free community members who are held in pre-trial detention.  At the conclusion of a person’s case, we get the money back and post bail for other community members. 




1642, low-income Nashvillians bailed out since June 2016


Total bonds posted


24 bails on average posted each month

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